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Introduction to amazon's progress in the world


Four years ago we started to wonderwhat would shopping look like if youcould walk into a store grab what youwant and just go?What if we could weave the most advancedmachine learning computer vision and AIinto the very fabric of a store so younever have to wait in line? No lines. Nocheckouts. No registers.

Welcome to Amazon Go.Use the Amazon Go app to enter,then put away your phone and startshopping. It's really that simple.Take whatever you like. Anything you pickup is automatically added to yourvirtual cart.If you change your mind about thatcupcake just put it back. 

Our technologywill update your virtual cartautomatically.So how does it work? We used computervision deep learning algorithms andsensor fusion much like you'd find inself-driving cars. We call it Just WalkOut Technology. Once you've goteverything you want you can just go.When you leave, our Just Walk OutTechnology adds up your virtual cart andcharges your Amazon account. Your receipt issent straight to the app and you cankeep going.Amazon GoNo lines. No checkout. No, seriously.

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