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Hot news!!!Huawei AirPods FreeBud rivals


Huawei has unveiled freebuds at thecompany's big launch event for itsflagship huawei P20 devices in Paris freebuds are a clone of the Apple earpodsand available for 159 euros which is thesame price of the Apple earpods inEurope

Huawei states that free buds offer 10 hoursof playback when fully charged which istwice as long as the Apple earpods whichgive five hours of playback on a singlecharge similar to the Apple earpods freebuds come with a carry case that offersextra charges the company says that freebuds in your design offers better noiseisolation than Apple's air pods the airbuds pair with the company's latestflagship devices the P20 series whichhave been launched sans the head

Phonejack the free buds will be available inwhite and a new black colorapart from free buds huawei announced newaudio accessories at the event includingactive noise-cancelling earphones 3 anda new DAC headphone amplifier which thecompany states use an audiophile gradedigital to analog converteryou

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