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Expert advice on how to cut hair ends at home


How to prepare a workplace?

It is better to do a haircut on yourself in a room with good lighting and a mirror. If after cutting the hair it will be difficult to collect, then the floor in the room is stuck or move to the bathroom, where cleaning will not be so difficult.

What tools will be needed?

Sharp scissors, a comb with frequent teeth, a hair dryer, a peignoir or a cape to close yourself from the hair, hair care products.

How to get a haircut?

First you need to prepare your hair for a haircut. Wash your hair twice with shampoo: massage with circular motions of the fingertips from the edge of the hairline near the forehead to the back of the head. Thus, you stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation from massaging movements. Then wash off the shampoo, pat your hair with a towel and apply conditioner from the ends of the hair to the middle of the length. If you use a mask, then apply the conditioner only after you wash it, it is important to remember that it does not replace the action of the conditioner.


A favorite of stylists at our Babor Beauty Institute is the Oribe Gold Lust line. This line includes 19 dry oils that do not overload the hair, thicken them, improve blood circulation of the scalp and stimulate the growth of new hair.

After washing, comb your hair well (they must be wet) and apply an indelible product with a conditioning effect that will help your hair not get tangled and provide additional care and control during the whole haircut. I choose Kevin Murphy Leave-In Conditioner from the Anti-Ageing series.

Divide the hair into two parts with a straight parting from the middle of the forehead to the back of the head. Exactly comb them so that the locks do not break out, and put pieces of hair on two sides of the chest. Keep your back and head straight and look straight in the mirror.

Fingers will be your guide. Pull with two fingers the length of the hair that you would like to cut, hold the scissors horizontally and carefully cut the length of the ends that you pulled with your fingers. Evaluate the result by combing your hair in different directions, front and back. If there are bumps, repeat the procedure. Act so lock by lock.


How to care for hair after cutting?

We recommend applying Oribe Split End Seal Beautiful Color Treatment to the ends of the cut hair. With regular use of this serum, the ends stop chopping, each strand becomes a strong and radiant healthy glow.

The hair will dry out during the cutting process, so periodically spray it with water or an indelible spray styling base, such as Oribe Foundation Mist. This is a multifunctional product, an ideal base for styling: smoothes the hair structure, actively moisturizes and does not weigh down the hair.

How to trim a bang?

Divide your hair in the middle. Separate the comb hair of the alleged bangs (the hair should lie directly on the face), look in the mirror, keep your head straight. Remove excess hair by the ears so that they do not interfere, once again comb the future bangs, hold your fingers and cut to the desired level. Bear in mind that when dry it will be shorter!

After that, dry your hair with a hairdryer and comb and evaluate the result. If irregularities occur, correct them already dry.

When you are satisfied with the result, do three partings in the middle of the head: two horizontal at the crown and at the temporal zones. Sprinkle the roots in the middle with a dry shampoo, give it a few seconds to dry, and then beat your hair with your hands. I love to use Kevin Murphy or Oribe dry shampoo.

As a finishing touch on the entire length of the hair and ends, you can apply our favorite Kevin Murphy - a dry conditioner from the Anti-Ageing series. It works like a dry oil that does not make it heavier and instantly moisturizes dehydrated, dry, long or dyed hair.


Important points

The shorter the hair, the more difficult it is to cut it yourself. It is better to turn to a mom, girlfriend or sister for help if there is no way to go to a trusted master in a beauty salon.

Do not cut your hair yourself before an important event.

Mowing a house does not imply a sharp change in image. If you want radical changes, it is better to trust professionals.

Leave a small margin of length, because after drying the hair will become a little shorter.

It is better not to cut very curly hair yourself, but to entrust this process to professionals.

Scissors should be very sharp and preferably professional. If the tool is blunt, then the cut will be crooked and may cause the hair to begin to cut.

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